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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trendy Tribal

When we go back in time 10 years, we cringe at their trends. But, if you go back to tribal times, we use thier prints to influence a whole new era of tribal. 
Take any boring outfit, add a tribal twist and BOOM it's amazing. 

Tribal Outfits 1 & 2

Here's Hannah and I in Washington DC with our tribal dresses 
 Hannah (left) got hers at Macy's and I got mine at  American Eagle. Since the tribal print is kinda overwhelming, we kept it short and sweet with shoes that don't beg for attention. I wore my red leather backpack which I always forgot to zip up :)

Tribal outfit #3

Tribal outfit #3

 What goes good with tribal? Feathers. Its really an accessory that you cant go wrong with when you are pairing it with tribal. Like scarves and tribal? I doubt that the Aztecs would have wanted to wear a scarf :P


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Trends 2012- City vs. Beach

Whether you are going to the city or the beach for vacation, you need toget your summer look on. If you show up to a beach in vintage, its not a good idea. We choose 4 outfits that demonstrate city vs. beach.

 For the city we chose vintage inspired clothing. There was a lot of brown, black, red, and pink florals. Brown and black??? The red flag should go up. That is a major fashion no-no. However, the mahogony in the red adds a brown flavor making it ok. If the flowers were just pink, it would make it a different story. 

Ensemble 1

A very international outfit :) I got the shorts at Forever 21 in Times Square, the scarf in NY, and the shoes in Paris at San Marina. The shirt was just a tank top.

Ensemble 2


Our beachy outfits were boho inspired, but with a vintage twist.  For this, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

THis outfit could be worn in the city or at the beach. The vintage flowers and the boho jacket make it hard in both families :P

Danielle our photographer and makeup artist. Danielle also curled my hair :) She is so creative and has a fresh look at the world via her camera. Check out her work and Sydney Magee's work and subscibe to  get  amazing beauty tips :P


Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY: Ribbon Chain Bracelet!

  I have been seeing these ribbon chain bracelets EVERYWHERE recently. Including Forever 21, American Eagle, Charlotte Russe, Target, Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson, etc. They have a really cute, classy, and effortless effect on them. Love! You can always go and buy these bracelets for about 2-20$ depending on the store. But what is the fun in buying it when you can make it for free or with a small amount of money? These would make an adorable, thoughtful gift!
Time Needed: 7-15 minutes
-Old necklace/bracelet with big chain links
-Needle nose plier (optional)

I used an old broken necklace I didn't want anymore. It has big chain links, which is a factor you will need. Make sure the size is big enough to pull a small ribbon or fabric through the chain. Also, be certain that the chain fits your wrist well.
My old necklace had some extra chain links I didn't need, so you might need an adults help with this part. This tool here, which I believe is called a needle nose plier, or something similar to it, helped break the chain.

The next step is to just choose a piece of ribbon or fabric (I used the same left over fabric from the last DIY!) and thread it through each chain. Make sure you go back and start over if you miss a link, or else (in my opinion) the bracelet won't turn out looking as lovely as you assume it will.
Now you start to admire the bracelet, after finishing all the chain links. And you start to move the links around to fit your preference.
The final step is to tie off the fabric, or ribbon. You could use another piece of ribbon to tie it off, but I just decided to tie it into a bow with the extra fabric I had in the bracelet instead of cutting the fabric off.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY: From Babydoll Top to Adorable Skirt!

Summertime is definitely DIY TIME! In case you don't know what DIY means, it means Do It Yourself! I was looking through some old clothes I was about to throw out because I didn't like anymore, and I came across this mint babydoll top. The color was gorgeous, but the shirt just wasn't me. I took a closer look at the empire waist line, and thought this could be PERFECT as a skirt! I have lots of babydoll tops that I might turn into skirts now!
-Babydoll top
-Fabric Scissors (preferrably, they are easier. But any will do)
- Optional: Needle and thread

Here is the babydoll top I used.
I simply cut the top half of the shirt off.
You could use the extra fabric to create a bow for the waist,(which I why you might need the needle and thread)  but I just decided to use a belt I had.
I used the extra fabric to make a headband.
This outfit is really simple, and I might wear on a nice day out, when it's not too hot. It's a really casual feel, with the converse and tan t shirt. I love these type of skirts because they are so easy to dress up or down. This skirt is definitely going to be a staple item in my closet for years to come.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful Boots

Standing in line at American Eagle and realizing that the person standing infront of you has AMAZING boots on.... that is how I felt today. On a gloomy june day, we were forced to put aside our sandals and put on some boots. I asked her if I could get a picture, and she agreed. Unfortunately, everyone knows that crappy store lighting + phone camera = disasterous picture :/ 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Directed to the Directioners

The look that I made on polyvore, for all of you directioners :)

$18 - etsy.com

$45 - chicwish.com

$36 - zappos.com

$16 - amazon.com

Mysterious Mint Jeans

Ideas, Inspiration, & Decoration

I adore collages, so what's perfect to store your favorite ideas and inspiration? Your very own fashion collage.  All I did was tore my favorite looks from my old magazines. I then taped them in odd angles on a space on my wall. I made sure you couldn't see any of my white wall in between the clippings. Every single day I look at the photos, for inspiration to include in my outfits. I have also received many compliments on the collage, and it looks pretty great in my room! I am definitely going to expand the collage, maybe even making it cover my entire wall. This is just a cute summer project that will give you some fashion ideas, and add a little cute decor in your room.    

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Supersized Daisy Chain

I normally make daisy chains out of little daisies. Taylor and I always get distracted when we see a little patch of daisies and 10 minutes later return with a few daisy crowns. If you dont know how to make them, there are two methods. My friend Sydney makes hers by tiend the end of one aroud the head of the other. Taylor and I cut a hole in the end with our nails and slide another daisy threw and repeat. You can pretty much do this to any flower that has a stem... except roses.... OUCH. 


Beads and Wedges

 Borrowing from your mom's closet can either be classy and vintage inspired or not so much. I used my mom's wedges for this post, and I really like them. She might not see them for the day :P
  My pink pants I got from American Eagle in the spring. I love them to death because they are not your typical "blue jeans". 

  This tank top has gold woven through it, i don't know if you can see it. It was a great backgroud for the necklace. My necklace I got from Forever 21. It came with an outragous flower, but i didn't think that it looked very summery so i took it off.


Fashionable Fanning

One of my favorite fashion inspirations is Elle Fanning! Her style is so youthful, fun, cute and she's not afraid to show her quirky self! I love the way she dresses for events and her street style! 

photo from: ellefanningstyle.tumblr.com

Rocking the Red Skirt

Taylor Swift is wearing a cute combination of stripes and a bold colored skirt.

Get the look: sources below


Forever 21-



Striped shirt:

Red skirt:

Tan flats:


Brown Bag:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Polka Dot Palooza

One important skill that one must have when choosing an outfit is distinguishing a accent and base color. In this outfit, the accents are the hot pink in the dots, the flats and the across body bag. The base colors are light khaki and tan. The purpose of the accent is to draw the eye to the pattern, in this case the dots. The base color's job is to sit there and make the accent color look pretty. Its a Super Base :P