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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spring, Studs and Selfies

This post is about one of my crafty friends, Sydney! She has great ideas to make ordinary things unique. Check out her youtube channel, I know you will love it! Comment with your favorite video! 
 Studded converse! Studded anything just makes it modern and edgy. Sydney ordered these off of etsy and put them on herself. They add a twist to the classic black converse.

Sydney and her lace headband! Lace from Joanne's. We have a decal post coming up soon! 

Spring Goodwill Haul

This trip to Goodwill was one of the best finds of my life! To be completely honest with the world, I have been thrifting since before the song. So Taylor and I were bored and we decided to hit the good old GW (swag name for goodwill), and my mom gave me $30 to spend. I assured her that I wouldn't spend all of it, and Taylor and my mom both rolled their eyes. Sure enough, I come out with every penny spent. So here is our treasure.
 Jean Jacket, Camo Pants, zigzag dress, floral dress, burnout pants are all from goodwill :)
Hope you guys enjoyed this post! We love to hear feedback <3
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