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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Embracing Colors, rouge blanc et bleu

Our Belated post about red white and blue :D
Lets face it, not all of us have a shirt that just happens to have red white and blue on it. Thats when you get creative :P 

The flower decal was a headband that my mom bought for me from a little girl at a fundraiser. The little girl glued it on the top so that whoever was wearing it looked like a teleatubby... so I worked on it for a while and moved it to the side. We can do a DIY on headbands if you comment below :D
We used a blue lace tank top for extra texture and bright red shorts. 
I got those shoes while shopping in France.


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Monday, July 16, 2012

Adorably Aztec

What 2 things do you think of first when you think of the aztecs? Gold and Tribal. We took that to heart when we put this outfit together. The gold adds an unexpected twist to the outfit. The gold in the belt, necklace and gladiator sandles adds a cool flare. 


Lovely Lace

Ensemble 1

Hey guys! I've been meaning to post this outfit for a while. Lace lace lace is now in! I personally like layering it with a dark color to make it stand out. I have also seen it layered with neons to make it clash.... I personally perfer the vintage feel. 
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Ensemble 2

This lace dress adds a sophisticated side to vintage. It's my mom's dress and it's from american eagle. I love the layers and the lace.


Diggin the Denim

 Denim and a tied shirt always look cute and summery. Denim dresses are super cute and a must have for every closet. I got the red tieover at sears and the denim dress as a gift. My good friend, Brie, is our model. She is ROCKING THE LOOK!
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