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Friday, August 24, 2012

Greetings from Bordeaux France

Bonjour tout le monde :D
I am writing to you here from france. I am staying with really close family friends and having a great time. But of course you cant go to France and not do some shopping. The biggest shopping street in France is in Bordeaux, Rue de Sainte Kathrine. At the top, there is big name brands which are EXRTA expensive. But at the bottom there are a bunch of cute boutiques. That is where I shop to get the full experience. Mostly this trip I shopped for friends. But here is the outfit I wore today
This lace bracelet I got at a boutique today. If you can't tell its made out of lace. This is a brilliant idea :) I am going to mess around and do a diy about it soon
Here is a dark photo of the dress that I bought. I am standing on the balcony of our flat and you can see the cathedral. 
Here you can see the full dress. I only brought one purse with me (one of the disadvantages of packing the day before). We went to a chateaux (castle)
We were nominated for best new blogger on 
Thanks to everyone who voted for us. Love ya <3 tchao

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Tribute to Aerosmith

 Air Guitar! :D

 Hair Feathers!

So you are probably thinking to yourself, "Why are these girls wearing Aerosmith tee's? They weren't even born yet!" And you would be correct. But we embrace all types of music... and ADORE classic rock. We wanted to go to the concert, but unchaperoned at an Aerosmith concert.... I DON'T THINK SO!!!!
So instead we decided to have our own party and show you our Vintage Tee's look.
Our guest model is Hannah W (not to be confused with blogger Hannah C.) She is a little bit obsessed with classic rock. Since I love adding differnt looks to my blog, wth? Why not?
Our feathers add a very "Steven Tyler" flare. 
If any of you guys are going to the concert, take pictures and send them to me... (just putting it out there)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Country Chicks

Our Dirty Little Secret....
We were walking around Taylor's house looking for somewhere to shoot our country look. It was super hot and we were beginning to get depressed. Taylor leaned down to touch some tall grass.
"I wish that there was somewhere where we could find like a BIG FIELD!" she exclaimed.
We were in luck. We walked down a ways and found a big fence. We found an easy spot to get over and hopped it, in a skirt D:
It was our mini Terabithia.  We didn't walk in too far or touch anything but it was the eureka of country land in the city. We soaked up the sun and then went back over.

Our Cute Country Outfits...
Taylor is wearing a floral dress from Forever 21 with a jean vest (Target) over it. I am wearing Taylor's mint skirt with a jean tied shirt over it. I am also wearing the bracelet that she made. Look farmiliar? Check out her DIY post.


Hey There, Sailor!


Lovin' these stripes! I went over to Taylors house and I looked around her room. I found these two striped shirts and about peed my pants. We are twinsies! The stripes on Taylor's shirt work PERFECTLY with her shorts.  My denim shorts don't exactly match my shirt, but it adds a little bit of pizzazzle :D

That watermelon tasted AMAZING after walking around in the hot weather. Way different then our normal 50 billion degrees below zero :)


Summer Looks- Dressy


I love Taylor's yellow dress. The brown belt and sandals make it look put together but not too fancy.
A perfect look for something on a summer day....
Super cute Taylor :D

Outfit 2

I am wearing Taylor's black lace tank top. You can't really see the decals because of the  black tank top under. I think that it added a little something extra instead of JUST an average black top.

The skirt is from forever 21. I really like the color combinations of teal in the skirt. The yellow is that pop of color that makes it quirky and summery.

The belt and the bow add some MAJOR class to this outfit.

Shoes? I just wore my flippies. They aren't super attractive after wearing them all the time so I cut them out :D