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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fallin' for Vintage

Want to see this post as a lookbook on our photographer, Dani's youtube? click here!

Hannah: Forever 21 orange crop top, scarf from NYC, jeans from American Eagle, combat boots from Cathy Jean, Hair done by Danielle.
Taylor: Mustard yellow tank from PacSun, Forever 21 jeans, cardigan from Marshalls.

Fall is definitely in the air!
 Hello lovely blog readers, this is a LONG over due post...thanks to my procrastination.
 This is our new photo shoot with our beautiful photographer, Danielle. (click here to go to her Youtube) Thanks again Dani, we love you! 

Hannah thought of the genius title for this post. Two of my favorite things, fall and vintage. Although Hannah's ensemble isn't as vintage-esque (except for the black lace crocheted scarf! Seen here), I have to admit mine is. The only reason really being the adorable lace cardigan I picked up from Marshalls! Nevertheless, I have kept the title. It's vintage-y enough.

I made the pearl bracelet for Hannah, DIY coming up soon? Yes!  

So long for now, 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scarf Sundays Issue III - Black Lace & Crochet

Scarf Sundays
Issue III
Black Lace & Crochet

Hey everyone! Sorry we weren't able to post a Scarf Sunday last week, we have been super busy! But luckily we have been working on a new post with our amazing photographer, check back for a new post with great photos coming soon! 
This outfit is one of the ones we used for the photoshoot, and Danielle (our photographer) did a great job of catching this shot of Hannah as she almost fell off a tree. Super graceful move, Hannah. :)
Either way I adore this scarf! Crochet and lace is our obsession. Hannah got the scarf this summer at NYC, I have a matching coffee-brown one that she got for me. ( That we used in our City vs. Beach look  here. )

Hope you enjoyed this short post, sorry it was kind of late. Expect a great post with tons of new photos coming soon!