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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Trends 2012- City vs. Beach

Whether you are going to the city or the beach for vacation, you need toget your summer look on. If you show up to a beach in vintage, its not a good idea. We choose 4 outfits that demonstrate city vs. beach.

 For the city we chose vintage inspired clothing. There was a lot of brown, black, red, and pink florals. Brown and black??? The red flag should go up. That is a major fashion no-no. However, the mahogony in the red adds a brown flavor making it ok. If the flowers were just pink, it would make it a different story. 

Ensemble 1

A very international outfit :) I got the shorts at Forever 21 in Times Square, the scarf in NY, and the shoes in Paris at San Marina. The shirt was just a tank top.

Ensemble 2


Our beachy outfits were boho inspired, but with a vintage twist.  For this, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

THis outfit could be worn in the city or at the beach. The vintage flowers and the boho jacket make it hard in both families :P

Danielle our photographer and makeup artist. Danielle also curled my hair :) She is so creative and has a fresh look at the world via her camera. Check out her work and Sydney Magee's work and subscibe to  get  amazing beauty tips :P


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  1. i am in LOVE WITH ensemble 2, taylor's look and outfit. oh my gosh.