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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Forever 21 Haul... Kinda

   Today, Hannah C and Hannah W went to the mall expecting to find some cute late summer clothes that could also during  the school year. We went into many shops, but we only ended up buying from forever 21! The things that we got from forever 21 were the maxi dress, the belt, the small mid rings, the shirt and the shorts. Hannah W was thinking about whether she should get the shorts because of our cold climate, shorts are great for late June till August and then they sit in your closet under piles of scarves. 
   I am also wearing a lot of fake native jewelry. I got the Phoenix necklace at SURPRISE... Forever 21 and 2 of my 4 mid rings there. I got the arrow printed and tribal mid rings at Nordstrom. The large teal ring was my great aunt's and the bracelet I made from Joanne's beads. I also got the gold pony tail holder.