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Friday, August 3, 2012

Country Chicks

Our Dirty Little Secret....
We were walking around Taylor's house looking for somewhere to shoot our country look. It was super hot and we were beginning to get depressed. Taylor leaned down to touch some tall grass.
"I wish that there was somewhere where we could find like a BIG FIELD!" she exclaimed.
We were in luck. We walked down a ways and found a big fence. We found an easy spot to get over and hopped it, in a skirt D:
It was our mini Terabithia.  We didn't walk in too far or touch anything but it was the eureka of country land in the city. We soaked up the sun and then went back over.

Our Cute Country Outfits...
Taylor is wearing a floral dress from Forever 21 with a jean vest (Target) over it. I am wearing Taylor's mint skirt with a jean tied shirt over it. I am also wearing the bracelet that she made. Look farmiliar? Check out her DIY post.



  1. I absolutely love this shoot! Don't you love finding great photo ops? :) The 4th is my favorite!

  2. Such cute photos!! I love the theme!


  3. Thanks guys! Yes I love great photo ops like this :D Those rocks were really great

  4. Love this! What camera do you girls use? And I followed your blog! too cute!
    xoxo, Olivia

    1. I have a kodac easy share... aka a generic digital camera. Most of these shots I put the camera on the fence or the sidewalk and used the timer. We just got really lucky :D

  5. Gorgeous pictures :)
    Following now, love the blog

  6. Love these pics! Your outfits are great and the setting is just perfect!