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Friday, September 14, 2012

Autumn Looks


Hey everyone! Thanks for the 2013 views! We were honored to be the winners of Color Coordinated's BEST NEW BLOGGER AWARD! Look forward to seeing our 
Scarf Sundays
 starting the 23rd of September.

Fall brings mixed emotions to most people. Summer months of carefree fun are gone, but you are reunited with your friends. But one of the big benefits is that you get to wear layers, scarves and boots! I love everything about fall. Thanksgiving, "La Rentree" aka the start of school, and back to school shopping. This year I scored 2 pairs of boots on sale. The brown ones at Cathy Jean and the black ones at..... SEARS! yes, I said sears. I also made the orange tunic top with my little sewing machine. That was an adventure. 

Now on with the looks.

In the first photo, I am wearing a yellow and black striped dress from Forever 21 with black leggings and black heeled boots. I am also wearing a black necklace that a friend of mine made with black and gold yarn. And you can't forget the barrett. 

Taylor is looking gorgeous in the orange tunic top that I made. We used a blue scarf to contrast the colors. I love that scarf because it reminds me of a Monet painting. With purple boots and a plaid bag to tie it all together. 

The pink leather jacket adds a huge pop to my cliché fall outfit; brown, brown and more brown (but don't forget the blue jeans).

Taylor is wearing my maxi dress (from Forever 21) with a beautiful green drapey vest. It is perfect for a warm autumn day. We have been having a lot of those lately :D


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  1. Hello gals! Stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to compliment your gorgeous header. Love these outfits for fall and the color palette is just wonderful!